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Shane Ziemba

Clinical Trial Associate

How long have you been with Acumen?

I’ve been with Acumen since October 2022, just over a year now.

How does your role contribute to the vision of the company?

As a clinical trial associate, I’m involved in the planning, execution, and completion of our clinical trials for ACU193. Currently, I’m helping closeout our phase 1 study and preparing for ALTITUDE-AD, our phase 2 study. My main responsibility is to oversee and verify the documents that enter our study database. Also, I write summaries of any important meetings and ensure outstanding tasks are followed-up on.

Which of Acumen’s four values (People, Integrity, Innovation, and Perseverance) resonates most with your work and role?

Integrity! In clinical operations, it’s critical to work in an honest, transparent, and respectful manner.

From your perspective, what sets our company apart in the field of Alzheimer’s research?

Many things. Acumen’s ACU193 selectivity targets amyloid beta oligomers, which historically haven’t been targeted in AD research. In addition, our ALTITUDE-AD trial includes an innovative approach to participant screening that aims to reduce patient burden. And of course, we have great people. It’s a pleasure to be surrounded by so many talented colleagues dedicated to finding a treatment for a condition that has remained untreatable for far too long.


Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies or interests that you enjoy in your free time?

I enjoy playing soccer, producing music, walking around Boston with friends, and recently, boxing classes.

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