For Patients

We put people first in everything we do. We prioritize patients and their loved ones while forging a path toward innovative treatments that preserve quality time for all people impacted by Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Watch this short video to learn about the
importance of clinical trials and hear from physicians, participants, and their
loved ones about their experience.

Clinical Trials

Before new medications can be approved for public use, they must be tested in clinical research studies. When you participate in a clinical study, you provide valuable information that could lead to better treatment, and—with the right breakthrough—better outcomes.

Patient Resources

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Expanded Access Policy

Clinical trials and the subsequent approval of a therapy provide the best way to provide long-term access to new therapies to as many patients as possible. Outside of participation in one of its clinical trials, Acumen Pharmaceuticals does not currently accept or grant requests for expanded access to any of its investigational drugs. Patients interested in an investigational drug that has not yet been approved are encouraged to speak with their doctor and potentially participate in one of Acumen’s clinical trials. To learn more about Acumen’s ongoing clinical programs, please see the Science or ALTITUDE-AD Trial webpages on this website. Information on Acumen’s clinical trials can also be found at


This Expanded Access Policy applies generally to all investigational drugs manufactured or distributed by Acumen for use in serious diseases or conditions. At such time as Acumen begins to make expanded access to any of our investigational drugs available, this website and policy will be updated to notify the public of the procedures for making expanded access requests and our criteria for evaluating such requests.


Patients and families interested in learning more about expanded access generally can visit the Expanded Access Navigator ( Additional questions may be directed to Acumen typically responds to inquiries about our Expanded Access Policy within two (2) business days.