At Acumen, we’re developing targeted Alzheimer’s disease treatments for patients to hold onto their moments – and to create new ones.

Who is Acumen?

Acumen means keenness and depth of perception. That’s exactly who we are: an experienced, tenacious team singularly focused on developing targeted therapies for a condition that has remained untreatable for far too long.

What is an amyloid-beta oligomer?

Toxic amyloid-beta oligomers (AβO) are soluble protein aggregates that accumulate in the brain. They are also shown to be a primary and persistent driver of Alzheimer’s-associated neurodegeneration.

How does ACU193 work?

We are advancing ACU193, a therapy targeting AβO and designed to have disease-modifying benefits with an improved safety profile, while also potentially providing symptomatic benefit for Alzheimer’s patients.

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