At Acumen, we’re developing targeted Alzheimer’s disease treatments
for patients to hold on to their moments—and create new ones.

Who is Acumen?

Acumen means keenness and depth of perception. That’s exactly who we are: an experienced, tenacious team singularly focused on developing targeted therapies for Alzheimer’s disease, building upon current momentum to drive the field forward and achieve even better outcomes.

What is an
amyloid beta

Toxic amyloid-beta oligomers (AβOs) are soluble protein aggregates that accumulate in the brain. They are also shown to be a primary and persistent driver of Alzheimer’s-associated neurodegeneration.

How does sabirnetug (ACU193) work?

Acumen is building upon decades of research on toxic soluble amyloid beta oligomers (AβOs) to advance treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Our most advanced candidate, sabirnetug, is a monoclonal antibody that selectively targets toxic soluble AβOs for the treatment of early AD. It is designed to have disease-modifying benefits with an improved safety profile, while potentially providing symptomatic benefit for Alzheimer’s patients.