Gopalan Sethuraman, PhD

Director of Biostatistics

Gopalan Sethuraman, PhD joined the Acumen team in January 2023 as the Director of Biostatistics. Dr. Sethuraman has more than 25 years of experience in biostatistics. Dr. Sethuraman has an extensive background in statistical methodology and has expertise in the design and analysis of clinical trials. Dr. Sethuraman focuses on methodology for statistical analysis of longitudinal data and in sample size estimation and sample size re-estimation.

Dr. Sethuraman has served in various roles over the years including most recently as associate professor of research at the University of South Carolina (USC). Prior to joining Acumen, Dr. Sethuraman worked at Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute (USC), where Dr. Sethuraman was responsible for the AHEAD study platform and led efforts in the design of the studies and statistical analysis.

Dr. Sethuraman holds a doctoral degree in biostatistics from the Medical University of South Carolina and a master’s degree in applied statistics from the University of Michigan.