Erika Cline, PhD

Manager, Bioanalytical Methods

Erika Cline, Ph.D., is an expert in structure-function relationships of amyloid beta oligomers (AβOs), the target of ACU193. Cline joined Acumen full time in March 2021 after consulting for Acumen intermittently since 2014. Prior to joining Acumen, Cline worked at Northwestern University as a postdoctoral research scientist/research scientist from 20142021, where she developed methods for stabilizing biologically active AβOs, characterizing anti-AβO antibodies, and analyzing CSF proteins via multi-dimensional LC-MS. She also authored a review on AβOs, which was the most read review article for the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2018. At Acumen, Cline contributes to development of bioanalytical assays, management of CMC assays utilizing AβOs and academic research collaborations aimed at advancing ACU193. She received her doctorate in cellular and molecular biology with a certificate in nanoscience and technology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and a Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry and mathematics from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.