Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing
disease modifying medicines and diagnostics for Alzheimer's disease.

Acumen Pharmaceuticals Inc. is engaged in the discovery and development of therapeutics and diagnostics related to soluble Aß oligomers in Alzheimer’s disease. Soluble Aß oligomers are now widely recognized as a key culprit in the disease process. They inhibit synaptic function, triggering early memory deficits and initiating nerve cell degeneration, and they are able to directly initiate downstream pathological events in Alzheimer’s disease.

Soluble Aß oligomers were discovered by Acumen’s founders, and the company holds dominant IP in this area. The original terminology used by Acumen founders identified soluble Aß oligomers as ADDLs (Aß-Derived Diffusible Ligands) to distinguish them from insoluble fibrillic Aß contained in amyloid plaques in the brain of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Acumen owns or controls dominant intellectual property regarding soluble Aß oligomers / ADDLs and the related therapeutics and diagnostics.

Acumen is involved in drug discovery and development programs for therapeutics targeting ADDLs, actively focusing on immunotherapy (ADDL-Select™ antibodies). The lead anti-ADDL antibody, ACU-193, is in advanced preclinical development. A small molecule ADDL assembly blocker program is actively pursued by Merz Pharmaceuticals, GmbH in a partnered program.

Acumen is engaged in the discovery and development of diagnostics based on ADDL measurements in human cerebrospinal fluid.

Alzheimer’s disease is a most significant unmet medical need in modern societies. The market opportunity for effective drugs is projected to exceed $5 billion annually.

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